How fast time goes

This morning I woke up at my friends place. The evening before I was here to help her with the kids and keep her company. There’s a memory popping back in my head being here and drinking my coffee. It’s been 16 month’s that we moved to Sydney. And our friends invited us to their place to stay when we arrived here. René had to work a week after we moved and I did all the organization around moving overseas. I remember I started with coffee too and thinking of all the new adventures René and I would make. It was great to share all new adventures with our friends every evening the first weeks.

And now it’s the other way around, I’m looking back at the start of the move. What a lot of new adventures we experienced. Grateful of making our dreams come true by moving to Sydney. Honestly I did experienced lows too. Missing friends and family back home, adjusting to a new culture, having no job and uncertainties around building a new home. Starting a new life from scratch. Fortunately we already had some really good friends when we started here. And still you want to build up your own life too.

I remember I was looking on the internet for NLP communities and found ABNLP and they had practice nights. My first practice night looking back on it, I felt I needed to ask translation for all English words. ( A couple of months ago I shared that and in their model of the world MOW, it was different) And wow what a warm community I stepped in there. All little puzzle pieces kept falling into place when I went to the monthly practice nights.

To live in your biggest dream and be a little bit lost too, that was a weird experience.

And now with getting my writing up and knowing I want to be a NLP coach, I start the next chapter…

Liefs, Miranda

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