I am Miranda and I am an NLP Coach, Consultant & Trainer.

I am curious, are you living the life that you want? I believe everyone has the potential to create their best life. Sometimes you need awareness. Like a car needs a yearly check-up, as we do not know what is happening under the hood, it’s the same for you. You might already do a yearly physical check-up at your General Practitioner. How about a check-in into your mind and your life?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is understanding how the language of the minds creates the programs of emotions, behaviours and thoughts we run in life. I use my NLP tools to communicate with the conscious and unconscious mind, so that you are able to create lifelong changes.

I believe you're here on this page for a reason, let's connect!

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Miranda is a great coach and therapist who is able to build good rapport with her client and create a safe place.

Miranda provides guidance using her NLP skills and ability to ask insightful questions. During our sessions she has got me out of the rabbit hole of going in circles with my thoughts. By asking insightful questions Miranda has helped me to get clarity of the situation and my desired outcome. And then applying her NLP skills she has helped me to achieve it. Thanks, Miranda!  Appreciate your help.



Miranda will coach you through a path of discovery.

Miranda is extremely perceptive in discovering or drawing out your goals and priorities, which may not be as you thought! In a calm, respectful and nurturing manner, Miranda will coach you through a path of discovery and once that path is revealed, or at least indicated, Miranda will then discuss the manner or options you have to progress your potential. You will be challenged by Miranda and be prepared to work with her to reap the benefits of coaching. Experience, clarity and calmness of purpose will come later.


Miranda is a great coach!

She has a lovely, caring nature with great insight into human thinking and behaviour. She has a great way of listening, and asking thought provoking questions and feedback. She’s my cheerleader when I need it, and in depth coach/provocateur when required. She uses NLP with great skill, builds fabulous rapport and gently (and sometimes not so gently) pokes and prods with insightful questions, and we get the results to show it!  Thanks Miranda, forever grateful!